About Us


Jinsy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2008, Jinsy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in a powerful industrial city—Weifang city of China, as a new high-tech enterprise who focused on environmental protection, our areas of expertise are AMPS/ATBS monomer & water treatment chemicals.

We have been the market leader in China. Over more than decade grew, explored and innovated, Jinsy is specialist in AMPS/ ATBS niche. We're constantly working to solutions for sustainable development; we are committed to harmonious development among energy sources, human life and industry.

Square Meters

As a global professional supplier of AMPS/ATBS, we produce full series of AMPS/ATBS with different grades, widely used in oilfield, water treatment and textile, etc. Likewise, for a little contribution in the industry such as industrial water cycle, wastewater treatment, and reverse osmosis system, etc., we provide various water treatment chemicals and find solutions.

Mission & Vision

  • Our Mission:
    Make Life Better

    Elements connect into molecules, shaping our world every day. Each product's invention and change may reshape people's lifestyle and improve quality. Any progress in science and technology not only bring about an upgrade in consumption, but also an upgrade of human technology and civilization.

    Driven by innovation, Jinsy promotes the progress of environmental protection technology. Our commitment to create a better life for people bases on providing solutions for the sustainable development of global resources.

  • Our Vision:
    To be a reliable supplier of Eco-Friendly Products

    We focus on Eco-friendly products, the core business covers the AMPS/ATBS and water treatment chemicals. We are providing professional and reliable products, finding the solutions, to be a trusted and long-term strategic partner.